Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good morning all, I hope you are feeling chirrpy this lovely morning.

I must apologise for my lack of communication, delay in orders etc over the last few days but I have not been firing on all engines as they say.

I woke up last Wednesday with a really sore eye so I didn't put my lenses in and wore my glasses all day. Thursday it wasn't any better so toddled off to the opticians who sent my to the local A&E eye hospital. Turns out that I had an ulcer on my cornea!! Left there with anit-biotics and was told to report back on Saturday which I duly did and thought to myself that it was getting better only to be told by some young doc that if I stayed in Ayrshire, I would have been admitted into hosipital!...Now for those of you who know me..my dislike of hospitals...I nearly passed out on his floor...the ulcer had grown slightly and I was given two lots of different anti biotics that I had to take every hour during the day and every two hours at night....Alasdair was really pleased about that one. The problem was that one of the drops was really stingy to go into my eye and by the time Sunday afternoon came the bottom of my eye was so red and raw looking. Back again to A&E yesterday to see a much nicer lady and Doc who said that I had taken an allergic reaction to the drops but that the ulcer had started to knit together..so back on the original anti biotics and some steroids to try and rectify the secondary complaint!!!

Talk about being through the wars..so I apologise if your orders have not been going out as quickly as they should have..will try and catch up.


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