Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Friend

Last year I was introduced to a fellow crafter, Lorraine, through a mutal friend and together we worked on Telfords exhibit for the Hobby show at the NEC. Lorraine helped me enormously by making up sample cards to put into the card stands and I am not sure that I thanked her enough but the look of pride on both our faces that night in Birmingham last year when we saw the model coming down the catwalk with the card stands filled with the beautiful cards was memorable.

Anyway, Lorraine has not been well and has gone through some unpleasant surgery - she is now home and I went to visit her today armed with some crafting magazines. We spent the afternoon chatting away and having a laugh - well that is me and not her as she had already burst some stitches earlier on in the week!

Do you know something, we all moan and complain about little things that get on our nerves but to have spent an afternoon with Lorraine is a real tonic. Go to her blog to see what she is up to.

Lorraine you are a true friend!

Happy crafting to you all

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Lorraine Robertson said...

Hi honey, just little old me... Wow, there is me trying to do a little blogging & to stop & read this lovely comment, boy you really did tug hard at the old heart strings...

Anyway I'm getting better day by day & thank you so much for my mags I had a great time reading my way through them..

For everyone else out there, yes we truly did have a fab time working on the project for the NEC catwalk last year but a whole load of that was down to the delicious products I had to play with in the making of the cards... suede, foil, peacock feathers to name but a few... wow, I just love my job.

Take care sweetie & see you soon.

Lorraine xxx