Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Tuesday to you all - and a belated happy Diwali!

We are just back from a few days in Cologne since it Struan's school holiday week. Alasdair was attending the Anuga trade show so we decided to go along for the ride. Many of you know my 'little sis' and that Struan calls her Auntie - he has been brought up not to question race or colour something that both Alasdair and I feel is very important.

In Cologne we met up with Auntie Ann

Ann is from a factory in China which Alasdair deals with and although Struan and I don't see her very often it is always great fun when we do! I did tell her all about the blog - so I hope she sees this!!

Now, Uncle Bill and his family live in California but again are from China, Alasdair speaks with him almost every day and there is a great friendship bond there. This has also passed to Bill's children and to Struan - all three had great fun when they visited Hong Kong Disney together - no complaints about sore legs!!

It is a sobering thought that children don't question why but take people at face value - now that is something adults could learn from them!!

Quiet day tomorrow so hopefully we get on with the Telfords Newsletter and some samples.

Happy crafting

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