Monday, March 23, 2009


Morning all, I hope you had a really good weekend.

I thought I had up until this morning when I got into the office to find that 2 customers had been on the phone questioning why - what they had in their box was not what they had ordered!

You see on Wednesday night I had asked Alasdair to help out as I was quite busy. They way it works here..and I have to say has worked perfectly well up until now... is that I pick the orders...put them into wire the invoice...pack the goods into the box...put the invoice on the outside - simple really.

However, add a man into the equation and we have a problem. Not satisfied with doing one box at a time he put all the orders into their (identical) boxes and felt sure he knew which one was it turned out he couldn't and two poor customers opened their boxes to discover completely different items to what they had ordered! Now I don't want to complain about my 'staff' too much but what is it that they say about men and multi tasking - oh yes - they can't - I rest my case.

So this morning has been spend trying to sweet talk the two lades - ah the joys of having a craft shop!

Have a nice day


Lorraine A said...

Oh well, at least they had a box to open , unlike me, I was waiting for 4 weeks for a parcel that had never made it to the post office !! ha ha not from you I hasten to add !! :-)

Lorraine Robertson said...

Oh sweetie,

You must be miffed by this but hey... how many years has it worked for you... if this is his first mistake, we'll have to let him off with it...

Hope your day gets better honey.

Lorraine xxx