Monday, April 19, 2010

Apologies for not being up to speed the last few weeks but with school holidays it has taken a lot to even get the orders something had to give!

Anyway, back to school this morning (albeit with no teacher - she is stuck in Spain) and back to the normal day to day things.

Thought I would share with you our two new arrivals - well they are not here yet but will be on Saturday.

Fudge and Satchmo wil join our happy family on Saturday and boy is there excitment in the house!

Will post more pics next week.



Lorraine said...

Oh honey aren't they just the most adorable puppies... can't wait to come visit now. Mind you I'll need to be on my guard with the two of them there now... lol.

Love 'n' hugs to you all.

Lorraine xxx

Dina said...

they look adorable. Hope they bring you lots of joy and happiness.