Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, good afternoon bloggers - hope you are nice and cosy.

Again it was -7 this morning plus you couldn't see in front of your face for the fog. I was doing my taxi service by taking Mum to Tesco - the motorway to Silverburn was at a standstill and the fog made it worse.

Anyway, I am supposed to be doing my stock take but I can't seem to get motivated to get organised so made a card for Alasdair's uncle. Hope you like it - I used stuff from our Asian Inspiration bag....backed the card with the Wasabi Sushi scrapbook paper then sprayed the gate with some mist and added some glitter.....plain but I think it looks good.

Have a good weekend, oh and by the way, I opened up a facebook for will find it at Sheonagh at Telfords...feel free to join in.


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