Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well, good afternoon all, I hope you are in a better mood than I am today....I promise I won't moan too much....but....

Telfords are famous for the 'orignal card display stand' which we make up ourselves
as Struan and Alasdair these stands are then wrapped in bubble wrap and put in big boxes..well, guess what....I have run out of boxes!*()_)...I put the order in last week and normally the company are great and they come the next day but this week..when I really need them..they are out of stock...worst still - they promised them today - and they haven't it will now be Wednesday before they come to it is the October week next week and we are away for a few days.

I think my blood pressure has risen a few notches...but what can I do....not a thing.

On a more cheerful note..I took in some stock of Joanna Sheen merchandise today...what fab stuff..there are some great tassles for your Eastern Cards....a fab range of Flora Doodles and some of the rubber although I want to go away for a few days..I would also like to be here to play with the new stuff...I will try and get them on the site ASAP (well I have nothing else to do until these bleep boxes come in!)

Have a good evening.

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