Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a day I have had......the hens went AWOL! Talk about panic...they were outside the office door quite happy and I was busy doing the orders..time flew by and then suddenly I was aware that they weren't there...
Picture the, wellies, pouring rain, shouting 'come on girls'..I can laugh about it now but boy was my little heart pounding.
I was sure they were in some foxes tummy we have over an acre of ground here..trees, bushes...I had almost given up hope when I spied them away at the bottom of the drive...yards from the busy road...well you should have seen the state trying to get them back into the pen..that's where they are now and that's where they are staying.

I should say that is minor to the news I got this morning. My cousin (well 3rd actually but who's counting) sent me a mail from Canada to say that his wife had died during the night. Carol had suffered from cancer and Don had cared for her during these last few months, relying on friends and family with emails. He, like me, Alasdair and Struan, is an only child and whilst it brings its benefits it is also at times like these when a brother or sister might come in useful - however outwith his sons, my Dad and myself are his only family - so we are all rather subdued today - perhaps the chicken escapade with a pleasant diversion!

My thoughts are with Don, Lorne and Dale at this sad time.

Hugs to you all

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Anonymous said...

As you will know I am not exactly the most religious person,so praying is a little hypocritical but may it comfort your family to know that we are all thinking of you - esp as you can not be with your loved ones in canada