Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hi all, hope you have all had a wonderful day.

Remember I was telling you all about the new edition of the Glasgow Cookery Book and how three of us were due to be on the TV - well click onto to see the outcome. Thankfully the shot with the rhubard was cut!!! is on a need to know basis!

Our group have had a great time helping with the new edition and today saw the launch of book.

Around 500 people crowded into the Glasgow Caledonian University to mark the launch of the book. It was a lovely afternoon, all the volunteers were presented with special boxed editions of the book - something I am sure we will keep as a great memento.

The Glasgow Cookery Book is a recipe book that should be on the shelves of every has stood the test of time and whilst the recipes don't come from a TV chef they are tried and tested by students of the 'Dough School'...and I can say that as I was one of them!

You can buy the book on Amazon for £14.99 and I would thoroughly recommend it......

Speak to you soon

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