Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One of the nice things about my job is that I never know who is going to be on the phone or indeed what they want.

You can imagine my surprise this afternoon when this person phoned up to order 300 lambs for invitations. I thought to myself 'what a party' but I also thought that the power of blogging was great.

I tried to be polite and tell her that they were non stock items and that I would need to do them for her. 'That's fine' came the reply - 'do you want my name and number'.....You can imagine my surprise when she told me - yes folks Mandy phoned me all the way from Australia to thank me for some photos I had mailed her. I still can't believe it to be honest and I am so delighted I cannot tell you.

It just goes to show you - pick up the phone to someone you haven't spoken to for ages - believe me it will be worth it!

Hugs to all
Sheonagh xx

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