Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Friday to you all.

Challenge for the next two weeks....yes the schools are off and the little darling is now under my feet.

Struan has had his pal Matthew here we all went to the airport to meet and greet Daddy on his return from India (with only slight signs of a jippy tummy!)
Isn't it sad now that if you are picking someone up from the airport you cannot see the planes coming in.....we parked round the perimeter of the airport and watched from there..but such is progress..although Alasdair was saying that in Mumbai unless you have a passport and ticket you are not even allowed inside the airport departures.

Enough of my news....the boys are playing outside and I have managed to make a quick card for you all.

Telfords sell a lot of novelty buttons and I thought these ones were particularly good for this time of year...

I have used two different sizes of the bunny rabbit, from the Animal Kingdom cartridge, with the Cricut and highlighted with pens.

Most of the buttons come with the backing bits on so snip them off so that you have a flat surface to stick on....add a bit of ribbon for an extra bit of interest...just a pity you can't eat the eggs.

Have a good weekend.

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jacque4u2c said...

Sweet enough to eat!