Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Guess what came today?

Yes, Flora, Dora, and Sally arrived yesterday and duly performed today! Struan is obsessed with them - poor things.

Wanted also to share with you that I am now back in touch with an old, old friend - don't know if she is into crafting yet or if she will read this but I will work on it!

Mandy and I were next door neighbours some 30 years ago but she moved to Australia and we lost touch anyway, thanks to windows messenger, she popped up this afternoon and we must have been on for at least an hour. She has not had it easy over the last few months - my life seems dull in comparison - but I hope that she sticks with it and that everything turns out the way she wants it to - and that we will meet up again someday, somewhere.

I learnt a lesson in speaking to her - sometimes we all get lost in our own lives and it is so true that we should all live for the day - who knows what tomorrow may bring.

Anyway, I am doing some lambs for a customer tonight - she wants 60 lambs for invitations that she is doing - might cut one spare and do you a card tomorrow!


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