Friday, March 20, 2009

Morning all

Talk about being deflated! I thought I had done so well yesterday....updating and so on...only to discover that if you are on the site you cannot access the new blog!! I will get this sorted for you soon (I hope)

Need to go and do some housework today but will try and get a card on later.

Happy Friday!

Sheonagh x


Lorraine Robertson said...

Well good morning my lovely... it's your old buddy here again..

Love the new look blog & how cute are you & Struan with Mickey.

My you sure have taken to this blog malarky haven't you.. new look, pictures etc.. soon there will be no stopping you..

Forget the housework today it's far too nice.. get out in the garden with your laptop & blog.

Big hugs
Lorraine xxx

Sally said...

Your blog is coming along nicely. I am sure you will get the hang of it. I knew NOTHING about blogging, but now I can't get enough! LOL Don't be afraid to ask questions. Someone out there in blogland has the answer you need!

Donnas Den said...

Hi Sheonagh,

I'm a follower of Lorraines (Crafty Coo) and like you run a small craft business from home. I got some really good ideas from

One of the things I noticed on other blogs was that they have three columns (a sidebar each side) which lets you fit a lot more info on the page. I got the instructions on how to do it at 'tips for new bloggers' but it took a lot of concentration.

Anyway, good luck with your blog and I'll put you in my list of blogs that I follow.


Tonya said...

Your blog is looking great! I just celebrated my 1 year blog anniversary and believe me when I started, I never thought I would last a month let alone a year. lol It is like second nature now, I love it and I have met such wonderful people by Lorraine. >:0) If it were not for blogging I would never have "met" her. You will get the hang of it and it will be second nature to you as well. Best of luck to you on your new adventure. >:0)