Friday, March 6, 2009

Better Late than never

Hi crafters, hope you are all feeling great today!

What do they say about the best intentions - well time has just vanished here and I have not had a minute to update the blog - so apologies if you have been eagerly waiting the next installment!

So, what has been happening since I last spoke to you?

Well, we (as a family) went to Euro Disney for mid term. Struan enjoyed it greatly - as for Alasdair and myself - we found it fun but very expensive! What is it about a captive audience - but quite frankly £6 for a sandwich was just a little steep!

Struan had a birthday last week and had asked for a chicken house - which is to be built this weekend - weather permitting! Watch this space ....when the chickens arrive I will post a photo!

Back to work though.....the ladies have been busy in the classroom.

This week we were working with acetate and shrink plastic. The thing that the ladies noticed most of all was the different technique invovled in stamping on something which was slippy. You have to almost tease the stamp to stop it smudging.

The look on their faces when they used the shrink plastic for the first time was quite a picture and they had to chase their work all round the room! However, the result was really good.

Send my your attempts at shrink plastic and I will pick one and put something in the post to you!!

Happy crafting

See you soon


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